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Managing Healthcare

Why is Like Outsourcing a Call Center

OK, I get it about how the site doesn’t work well.  I’ve created an account, and got stumped after that myself. Read more

Healthcare Conflict How to Heal the Fundamental Conflict Between Insurance and Mental Health Care
By now we’ve seen enough.  Most people realize the need for effective mental health care for people struggling with serious mental health issues ... Read more
gratitude and Light

5 Lessons of Gratitude and Light

Any culture rooted in agriculture is likely to have harvest festival—crops come in in early fall, slaughtering is best done when it’s cool, and people need community before the learn... read more

7 Sins

Stress, Compassion and the 7 Deadly Sins

The cover title of the November 2013 issue of Scientific American Mind reads, “7 Deadly Sins: Turn Temptations into a Source of Strength.”  It’s an interesting idea: that our sins... read more

Doctor Image

Are Inflexible and Impersonal Electronic Health Records Worth the Speed?

Electronic health records offer speed and ease. But what about the human relationships that are so crucial in health care? And what about nuances that describe patients who don’t quite... read more
Phone Anger

4 Strategies to Transform Customer Service Trauma
Into Long-Term Gain

Whether you’re the irate 50-something customer who can’t figure out the app or the 20-something customer service rep trying to explain it, the result is the same:  frustration, anger, fear,... read more

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Books about the world of mental illness/health that are interesting reading:

  • Brain on Fire, the author’s story of a descent into madness that turned out to be caused by inflammation of the basal ganglia.
  • Hallucinations, by Oliver Sacks, the psychiatrist who brought us The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat.